Favorite Skin Care Products

This was a highly requested post and I am so excited to share all my favorite go to skin care products that I swear by. I have tried a few things out there until I stumbled upon the brand Philsophy, first I tried the Miracle Worker Face Cream, which I absolutely loved, I have used it a little over 2 years now and I don’t go a day without. I also use their under eye cream, a little goes a long way, I try to use this sparingly since it’s a little pricey, but I love it so much! As a daily face wash I use Cetaphil (normal to oily skin), I use this to remove my make up, it’s super gentle and soft. I always travel with this, no matter where we go, this is the only thing I would wash my face with, it’s done wonders to my face. I promise you won’t regret it, I have only used the normal to oily skin version, there is also an “all skin types” version but I didn’t have much luck with that one. As a mask and scrub I use the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel, which is a two step application. step 1 is rubbed thoroughly on your face then step 2 is applied and evenly distributed (you only need like 2 drops of this). You leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off. Your face seriously feels like you just step out of a spa. I use this once a week during the winter and twice a week during the summer. For first time users I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Philosophy Trial Package,  which contains the face cream and the microdelivery peel set.

If I feel like my face is feeling a little clogged then I use my Clarisonic, (the sensitive brush) and I usually just use it on my T zone, that is usually where I get oily.

When I am traveling or after a night out, where I wore an extra amount of eye make up, then I first use my all time favorite target brand towelettes, it’s so much easier to just wipe away your eye make up then follow with with the Cetaphil face wash for a more thorough rinse. I have pretty sensitive skin and these work great and are under $4 bucks.

Now the Aquaphor Advanced Therapy ointment, if you have ever had a dry patch, sun burn, scab etc on your face/body this is my all time favorite go to. When I used to work for a Plastic Surgeon, this is what he used for all his patients, after procedures, for scars, for any kind of healing. You will always find this in our bathroom. Actually Arnel mentioned his upper eyelid was irritated yesterday(he had a weird dry spot) and I applied a little amount on a Qtip and put it on there and I haven’t heard him mention it today. It seriously is a life saver! Also, as many of you know I am allergic to most lip products because of the preservatives, I use this on my lips when they are dry or just need a little pick me up. It can seriously be used on any dry, irritated or cracked skin.

My favorite budget friendly cosmetics bag is this one from Target. It is pretty large and spacious, I fit all my make up in it when I travel. I purchased it back in November before we headed on our trip to Hawaii, it was perfect for my make up. It has a little section where you can separate your actual make up and your brushes which is super nice (love keeping things organized).  My other cosmetics bag is this Longchamp one, which actually matches my large Longchamp tote. This is where I throw in all my must have daily goodies, you will always find this in my tote or backpack, perfect for your mascara, deodorant, lip balm, feminine products, perfume etc. It also comes in a bunch of other colors, you can just wipe it clean if you get any make up on it, it will last you forever.

As for my little marble tray that I use for display, I have linked a round version here and you actually get a set of 2 for under $30. My white pitcher that I used for my pink roses; I had originally purchased at Home Goods but I actually found the same one here under $15. Hurry because this vase goes out of stock frequently.

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