Taking My Fitness Outdoors

Zella Tank, Nike Leggings, Nike Roshe II (last seen here, also love these), Apple Watch, Sports Bra (also love this one)

After making a few changes to my routine recently, I decided to switch out my BBG workouts for some outdoor activities. As much as I love my indoor workouts, I am pretty sure my neighbors are a little fed up with my jump roping and jumping jacks, whoops!  I will admit Arnel took my new commitment to an extreme and decided to turn our Saturday in a full day of outdoor activities and workouts.  Our Saturday started with a 8am wake up so we could head down to Piedmont Park for some Farmer’s Market goodies but it turned into some jogging, sprints and some push ups. He did treat me to a panini for lunch but that was just the beginning.

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We got home around noon and I finished up some errands for a part of the afternoon and Arnel was making other plans for us to head to Arabia Mountain. I figured it’s probably a new park that he found and wanted to me to explore with him, didn’t expect it to be one of my new favorite places. So we made a deal, as long as this girl could get some ice cream then I am happy to go do some more walking around. A little back story, Arnel loves to be outdoors and exploring new parks, he loves to camp and do all that “fun” stuff. I like to be outdoors, I really do, but you won’t catch me running through the wilderness for a “jog” the only thing I will be running from is a bear. I am also not a huge fan of bugs, I didn’t like collecting bugs in Entomology I don’t like running into them now and lets not talk about the few snakes we have seen around here.

I was all geared up with my favorite Nike Leggings which help keep the mosquitos away, also love this pair & this pair currently on sale. My Pink Zella Tank (also available in other colors) is super comfy and light, wearing a size small for reference. I love adding color to my workout gear, it’s important to feel great while working out so the right attire is a must. Also just ordered this Nike Tank from the Nordstrom Sale, it’s currently available in all sizes. My Nike Roshe have been my go to pair, they are super light and exceptionally comfy, they are currently on sale and come in an array of colors.

Well this lovely husband of mine wanted me to do some more running and head to the top of Arabia Mountain. It was a beautiful hike and we seemed to be the only ones there, not a single soul in sight. I felt like I was on a different planet, the rock was covered in pitted holes filled with water from all the recent rain, and other smaller puddles reflecting the sky, it was picture perfect. The view was just breathtaking and sharing it with Arnel as sweaty as I was, it was pretty romantic. I am pretty lucky to be married to such an outdoorsy guy who drags me along to enjoy the beauty that we are surrounded by 🙂  So anyone reading this who is looking for a quiet romantic spot to propose, who also lives in Georgia then Arabia Mountain might just be the perfect spot. We enjoyed some delicious trail mix and ice cold water and ended the evening with the gorgeous sun setting.

PS I slept in until noon on Sunday!




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