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Starting 2018 On A Positive Note

I have so many hopes and dreams and so many goals for this year. Some are as simple as unloading the dishwasher before I head out to work and some are bit more complex. Recently I had a get together with one of my girlfriends and that girl is filled with so much energy and drive; she said something very important, she does everything and anything she can with the time she is given, so from morning to night, giving a 100% and not putting anything off.

As much as I try to do that, I kind of needed someone to say it out loud, so today I created a list of short term goals and long term goals, also enlisted Arnel’s help for some long term goals especially when it comes to Hello It’s LOH.

Some bigger goals we are working on are to travel more, so with traveling more means saving more and spending less on silly things I don’t or shouldn’t be spending on, such as 6 dollar lattes because really the coffee I make at home is probably a bit stronger and just what I need and it’s also free!

Clean out my closet, major clean out. Goal is to have this all done by the end of the week, trash what is a lost cause and sell those gently used items on insta stories like I promised a few days ago.

Eat less sugar; eating clean has something Arnel and I both have worked on for the past few years, we cook a ton but I like sweets so every once in a while I fall into the sweets trap and it’s so hard to quit once you indulge a little too much.

Read more books; many of you may know, I love to read and recently ordered a ton of books from fiction to poetry to self-help and everything in between. Every night I want to spend at least 30 minutes of reading and shut off all phone usage.

Get more involved with the community, volunteer on the weekends. Regardless of our busy schedules I hope to dedicate some weekends to serve the community and help those who need us most, whether it’s the humane society or the homeless shelter, a little help goes a long way.

Stick to my budget, I too fall into the target trap and love the dollar aisle and buy things that I don’t actually need so hoping to control myself and only purchasing items on my list, it will help me stay on budget and on task. Another way to help stay on budget is track your bills in a spreadsheet, it’s how I caught that we had some sort of water issue, the water bill consistently kept going up but it was right around the time we were traveling a ton so we weren’t home and I finally figured out who the culprit was, the toilet. The spreadsheets help me look at our monthly grocery spending, electricity bill, internet and everything else. It’s also great so see month to month stats because I end up creating graphs for it. But now instead of tracking it, I have created a budget for each section which I will be sticking to.

Aside from hoping to continue on my health and fitness journey, I hope to grow as an individual, learning something new everyday, whether it’s researching a topic of interest, staying up to date with current events, communicating more with others because after all we as humans learn so much from one another. I want to open up more on the blog, incorporate more food and life posts and of course make more videos.

I will continue to work hard and continue growing Hello It’s LOH, we have so much planned and so many great ideas that you all have thrown at us, I don’t want to spoil it all so hopefully you will follow along as we share more videos, blog posts and images.

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