Hi everyone, so glad you stopped by my blog. Let me start of by introducing myself, my name is Lejla (pronounced LayLa). Hello Its LOH (pronounced low) comes from my initials, my maiden name started with an O and my married last name starts with an H, so LOH is what I often go by. Now a little history, I moved to the Atlanta area 2 years ago since my lovely husband lives here, oh all the things you do for love!!! It’s definitely been the best two years of my life, minus the Atlanta traffic, they weren’t kidding about that. The city is filled with character, history and lots of great malls so when I am not knee deep into science I love shopping. I started this blog to share fashion and beauty tips with everyone. I love designer pieces for less and here I can link all my great finds. Hope you enjoy fashion as much as I do and as always feel free to reach out.