Loose Curls Hair Tutorial

GHD 1 1/4 Curling Iron (also love this Hot Tools Curling Iron), Heat Protectant (also use this R & Co Prep Spray)

You guys, standing in front of the camera is one thing but creating a full on hair tutorial is no joke! Not only is it intimidating but it’s a bit scary. I was a nervous wreck and that’s just the truth of the matter, I don’t even know why but I just was, actually I do know, it’s the fact that I have never done a youtube video! Yikes! After a few laughs, we ended up getting it completed with Arnel’s help of course. It’s a quick and easy tutorial for everyday loose curls hope you enjoy it!

Before I dig in and talk about the hair tutorial, I wanted to take a dive into health and maintenance of hair. So hair has to do with genes and a ton of maintenance and a ton of nutrition. As much as we hate to admit it, staying hydrated eating rich fruits and veggies with some great love and care is the direct result of the outcome of our hair. I eat a ton of fruits and veggies rich in vitamins and antioxidants, I also love nettle tea which is great for skin and hair. I also avoid harsh products and just recently got my hair colored prior to that got a smidge of balayage about 4 years ago and I was such a chicken that it wasn’t even noticeable. Though my hair is naturally light and changes when out in the sun I did major research and talked to my stylist Irene and colorist Danielle before preceding to go through with the balayage. I don’t use crazy hair products or hair sprays unless I am going to a special event it has to be a super special event to even use it. I stick to just heat protectants, great shampoo and conditioner along with a ton of healthy foods to keep it thick, healthy and manageable.

Believe it or not I also don’t dunk my head when I am at the pool because the chemicals will not only ruin your color but it dries out your hair and mine tends to be on the dry side naturally. Also Irene & Danielle both work at Bespoke Salon on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs, GA.


Now the Hair Details:

After washing my hair the night before I do a few sprays of the Alterna Heat Protectant while my hair is still damp, I have been using it now for a few months and can’t believe I just now discovered it, I then comb my hair. I let it air dry a bit and then use my go to Hot Tools Blow Dryer and blow dry it straight before I go to bed.

I then use my GHD 1/14 Curling Iron¬†which has been the best curling iron I ever purchased, it’s what leaves my hair super soft. Facing the barrel down and curling away from your face is key. I always work from the back to the front, when done, I just run my fingers through it and on occasion use the Living Proof Texturize Volumizer.


Thank you for watching!



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