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Fall Trends: Plaid, Velvet, Suede, Corduroy & Leopard

Plaid Blazer, Navy Chinos, Clear Umbrella, Red Backpack c/o Lipault Paris

October is here and fall is coming along, the leaves are changing color and while the temps are dropping at least in the mornings they are. At times I wish we were living up north but then I remind myself, not sure if I could handle several months of brutal winter and 10 feet of snow, so I guess I will stay right where I am.

Fall and Spring are by far my favorite seasons, it’s the time where a light sweater and blazer are just right, when loafers are the perfect pair of shoes and a light duster or coat in a pretty shade completes an entire look. I must admit, it’s been so hard restraining from purchasing every single item that I have seen this season. I love all the fall trends; such timeless pieces that keep coming back year after year.


Plaid – Plaid has definitely been around for years, from button downs to pants and skirts and my current favorite, the Plaid Blazer. It’s probably one of my all time favorite purchases, love all the colors: burnt orange, olive green, brown and the hint of blue around the collar. I also love wearing plaid during the holidays, whether it’s a Skirt, Pair of Pants or even a Button Down.


Corduroy– Corduroy just screams fall, I have recently ordered these Corduroy Pants and I can’t wait to get them in. Corduroy is such a classic, whether you prefer pants or Skirts (purchased tonight), it looks great with sweaters, long sleeve tees or even blouses. It’s a must have this fall!


Velvet– I am sure you have noticed all the gorgeous Velvet Shoes out on display lately, the soft shades of pink, bright amber and deep shades of burgundy; they are all in this season and are perfect for dressing up or down. The soft fabric just adds so much character to an ensemble, wish I could wear it year round. My personal favorite is this Brown Velvet Blazer that I am just dying to get.


Suede– While most think of Suede Loafers and Boots (like the ones I wore Here) , in this case I am talking about all the suede leggings, pants and skirts. Whether it’s faux suede or real suede, they are both gorgeous and so soft. I am currently crushing on these Cognac Leggings. If you are looking for suede skirt inspiration check out my recent posts Here & Here.


Leopard– All time favorite and goes with everything, I love that leopard is making a huge come back this season from Fur Vests to Leopard Loafers and everything in between. Leopard is a neutral “shade” so don’t be afraid to add a pop of color whether it’s a bright skirt or a pink sweater. Leopard also looks great with various textures and fabrics like the ones I mentioned above, they all compliment one another.




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